Monday, August 10, 2015

Coffee Shop Update

It is day 12 with no internet at the house, but I'm pretty sure the world is still out there. (Currently mooching the internets from a coffee shop!) Ankle is healing, (yay!) the dog is on the mend, (yay!) and some tack is being made! Yippie!

I finished the donation halter for POWIE Live:

And I finished the resized boots! Don't they look lovely on her Wyrnna?

Now I'm just one tack order away from finishing the backlog! (Of tack, that is...)

Sunday, August 2, 2015


It's been a crazy few weeks! First, this happened:

Mr. Shadow got a massive, fast-moving ear infection. Several emergency vet visits later, he is (un)happily recovering with his Cone of Shame.

Then, this happened:

Sam proposed! He hid the ring in one of Par's mint wrappers. :D  Needless to say, Par was not impressed with the shiny, inedible mint. (I was!)

Then, this happened:

 We moved! Look at all that space! That will become (mostly) my new tack-making office. Now we just have to move everything in.

But, of course, this happened:

Yep. Curbs are dangerous, apparently. The triage nurse's exact words were, "Well, you aren't the first curb victim of the day!" Now I'm pretty much useless for moving all our stuff. But one ER visit later, it's at least splinted and the swelling is down, and plus, I have crutches! (Although they aren't as easy to use as they look, haha!)

The good news is, now I'm mostly stuck in one place, so hopefully I can power through my tack backlog and get August off to a better start!