Thursday, April 30, 2015

O'Leary's Irish Diamond, Anyone?

Today was a good mail day. My leather lace and my hardware came today for the latest harness commission! I hadn't been expecting either package for at least another week!

I have sort of been dallying about trying to find an O'Leary's Irish Diamond to make the harness on. I have been planning to buy one (everyone needs an Irish Draft!), but they're a bit hard to find, apparently! The regular Cleveland Bay model is a little easier to find, but I really need that mane!

The early arrival of the parts has me scrambling to find a model. I can make most of the harness without the horse, but the collar, in particular, needs a model. Anyone want to trade me an O'Leary's Irish Diamond for a bridle? (Or something: I'm fairly persuadable!) :D

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Trick Set Macros

The Western Trick Riding set is officially done and is for sale on MH$P here! I wish I could let it hang around for at least a few more days (I just wanna look at it!), but hey, there's bills to be paid!

Loving the shiny leather collar!

The fenders have fast magnetic closures for a quick stirrup on-off. They're not adjustable in length, but they are pretty, and since this doll never really interacts with the stirrups, I figured that magnetic closures would be appropriate here.

Heavy-width breast collar, which should adjust to fit on most traditional models. Vital for keeping the saddle in place for a real performer!

 Itty-bitty hobble straps.

 "Cossack drag" strap and heavy grey wool felt pad with a wither cut-out.

 The corner cut-outs function as extra handles on real trick-riding saddles. The cantle is a Rio Rondo tree that has been modified via extensive sanding. Real-sized versions have low cantles for safety and ease of performing.

 Riveted yoke-style rear cinch hardware and "rawhide" wrapped rear handles to stand up to heavy stunt work.

 The underside of the saddle is real wool-on sheepskin (you know, to protect that hard-working model's back!)

The "rawhide"-wrapped extra-long horn is a Rio Rondo pommel modified with Apoxie sculpt. It serves as another handle for tricks. The reins have a buckle closure in the center. The placement of the reins behind the pommel is for the photo only, however. On a real horse, the reins would not be looped around the pommel. They usually just rest on the horse's neck throughout the performance. 

 Front and rear cinches are felt lined to be extra-nice to model tummies.

 The doll, turns out, puts a bit of force on the saddle, which was causing it to lean to one side. So, I put a soft grippy liner beneath the saddle pad to help keep it firmly in place. Works like a charm, and is super soft. There is a similar kind of pad used on real endurance horses to keep the saddle in place on extra-sweaty horses!

 "Chicago screws" on the bridle and a nice snaffle bit.

 Working tongue buckles and keepers with lots of room for adjustment!

 V-type browband for some western flair ;)

 So.... shiny....

 Here you can see the suede full-seat on her pants and the little thumb holes to keep her sleeves in place when she is doing tricks. She sure could use some dandruff shampoo back here! I wasn't quite as careful as I could have been with the back of her head when I was hairing her since you can't really see it when she is in place on the saddle. Also, I currently have a little strip of clear tape on the back of her saddle leg just to make sure the black suede doesn't rub off on the white saddle.

 All together!

All together, I am very very very happy with this set!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Trick Set (Mostly) Done!

I am still waiting for the package of leather lace for my newest harness commission, so I've had more time to work on the trick set. It is is 100% 99% done! The saddle just needs hobble straps and the doll just needs her collar!

I love how it has all come together!

And I especially love the rear handles!

You can tell that I am not a doll artist, haha! I think she is, well, fine, but I could definitely stand to improve my doll skillz. 

That sparkly fabric was super hard to work with, but I think in the end the suit turned out more nicely than I had anticipated! 

This will definitely be up for sale on MH$P in the next few days. Yay for (mostly!) completed sales pieces!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New Trick Riding Getup

I realized that I haven't yet posted anything about my almost-finished sales piece, a white western trick-riding set! It is my project for the Model Equine Tack Association's first challenge.

The finished set will also have a doll (my first one!) doing the Cossack drag, a trick in which the rider hangs off the side of the saddle with one leg. I think it will be pretty nifty when it's done!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Horsiness Part II

Part II of snowy horsiness!

If you look closely, you can see the fart bubble in this picture. Haha! Happy Easter everyone!