Monday, November 30, 2015

What I Done // Where I Been

Sorry for the long absence on here! It's been a crazy few months. Now, my ankle is (almost) back to normal, the animals are healthy (for now), and life is finally returning to normal (mostly).

I did get a western accessories set done to go with a positively lovely Rachel Fail saddle! Saddle, breast collar, main girth, and saddle pad by Rachel Fail; rear girth + billets, tie-down, and bridle/reins by me.

 I really like how that rear cinch turned out!

After this set, I took a bit of break from model tackmaking, and from custom orders in particular. It just got a bit overwhelming for me, so I decided to learn a new skill while I decompressed. I bought half of a cow (skin)...

... and made a full size bridle!

Modeled by Par, of course. :)

It was really great to try something new! I liked full-scale leatherworking so much, in fact, that I decided to open up a new Etsy shop around it! It's still in its infant stages, and most of the items are/will be made by me, but it will also be a place where some of my particularly creative friends can sell their full-scale artwork, as well!

Since it will be a group shop, I gave it a different name to distinguish it from my own (and miniature) Zafirica Studios. It's called Królik Armory, named after my bunnies.

Królik is the Polish word for "rabbit", and, as I come from a Polish family, I thought it was fitting. I called it "Armory" because most of the things being sold will be leather pieces. And hopefully, I'll get to make some awesome armor in the future!

Currently, I just have up this bridle, a leatherbound journal, and a horsehair bracelet, but there will definitely be more in the future.

As for model tack, I'll never get away from this hobby completely! But for now, I'll probably start by making some sales pieces (I'm thinking to do another working western set) on my own time, and then putting them up for sale as I make them. I might do custom orders again, and when I do, I will let you all know!

Happy almost-winter to you all!

P.S. As a break project, I re-made my website! Check it out and let me know what you think!