Monday, July 10, 2017


Hi folks! Lots of new things are happening with the studio!

For starters, my names have changed! Hanna Arnold (me) is now Hanna Bear, and Zafirica Studios is now Bear Carousel.

This means that my social media account names have also changed. My blog is moving here, hosted on my new website. Sadly, my facebook account name could not be changed, so I have a new facebook page.  My instagram account is updated very frequently and is currently holding a neat giveaway!

Lastly, we're moving to Texas! This means that custom orders and commission work will be closed until August or September.

And because I can't close a post without at least one photo, here's what's up for grabs in my instagram giveaway: a black and silver Champion nameplate halter. Yes, that's a real engraved metal nameplate! Enter the giveaway for a chance to win, or order your custom one starting about mid-August from my Etsy store. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Crocodile Set

I just finished this "crocodile" hunter/jumper princess set for the traditional Hazel, and it is available for sale at my etsy shop! Inspired by the real Hermes crocodile saddle, this one uses lizard skin for the crocodile effect!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Long Time, No Saddle

It's been a while! Since I put my books on pause, I've been working to get my other projects prepped and launched. I got married (whoooo!), and so in January my partner and I will officially be launching our joint business The Snazzy Bear to handle our photography and the human-sized things we make.

I'm going to keep Zafirica Studios strictly for miniatures now! I also started an Instagram page for Zafirica Studios, too (search zafiricastudios to find me!)

I have an old-timey Santa Fe style saddle set in the works; planning to keep it and show it on my Hazel once I get her fixed up and painted.

Here's some pictures of my tree-painting process! The idea is to have smooth, semi-translucent color like a real rawhide tree.


Grey automotive primer over the sanded resin.

Light base coats of acrylic paint.

Finally, a poured-on (and darker) coat to elaminate brushstrokes!

Now it's just a matter of waiting for it to dry and carefully removing it from the wire stand!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pony Set and a "Big" Commission Slot!

Phew! Lambing season is over and I'm back in the studio! I've been a spectacular flop with the Copperfox 10-day challenge, so I'm going to call that a failure and move back to my regular blog posts!

This is a pony set made for this little unfinished (and squeeeeee cute!) resin, with two saddle pads. I finished it a while ago but haven't gotten around to posting it!

This was such a fun little set to make! I couldn't help but smile every time I saw that cute little pony!

Now, since it's that time of the year (taxes, yay), I'm scrambling a bit to make sure I can pay all my bills, so I'd like to open one commission slot for a "big" ($450+) piece, either paid in full or paid half-now-half-when-finished. "Big" things include harnesses, full sets with some extra bells and whistles, "aged" tack sets, specialty sets (like trickriding, cavalry, portrait pieces, etc.), a decked-out Portuguese set, or other off-the-beaten-path sort of commissions. A full-sized (actual, real-and-breathing horse-sized) bridle is also a "big" commission item!

Email me if you're interested in a "big" commission (preference given to PIF), and we can talk specifics!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rifle + Day 3

 Yay! I made it to day 3! Hahaha... I'm the worst ;)

Day 3:    Be a Model Horse (#CDCday3)
Imagine yourself as a model horse. What colour would you be? What mould would you be created on? What scale?

Hmmmm. This is hard. I'd probably be some short little pony with a decidedly unruly mane...  maybe a very spotted Toot Sweet!

And now for some pictures! This is the rifle I made for the working western set. I'm so happy with that simulated wood grain!

And I forgot just how cute the bottom of this saddle is. <3

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Apparently I Fail at Blogging

Wow, missed three days right out of the bag!

Oh well, this'll be a slow version of the 10 day challenge!

Day 2:  Name your model or barn

Whoops! Should have saved Humpty Dumpty's naming for today! I've started to refer to him as HD around the shop, so that can serve as his "barn" name for now. Instead of the naming (since I spoiled that last time!) I'll put up some pictures from his gruesome customization. 

 At first, he spent four years in my body box in a few pieces.

 And then, with the help of a lot of wire...

 ... a heat gun...

 ... and lots of Apoxie Sculpt...

 ... he finally...

... started...

 ... to come together!

 His chest was basically a big mush of plastic shards and needed a lot of work.

(Note: For some reason the italics function won't turn off for this section. Weird, blogger. Weird.) I was going to keep the factory tail, but it broke off mid neck-sculpt, so I decided to make him a new one.

 It kind of works as a counterbalance to his heavily-re-sculpted chest.

 In one piece... finally! I'm pretty happy with the final result, although I do wish I could have moved that elbow just a little closer to his body. His dock could also use a little elegantifying. (And "elegantifying" really ought to be a word)

 Here he is in primer! I don't have any nekkid pictures of him yet, but I will eventually. (Phrasing, boom)

 He served as the fitter and model for the working western set. Here he is in the hackamore!

 Super happy with that patterned braid!

 He's still a bit rough, and needs lots of sanding, but someday, I'll get around to painting him. Someday. :D

P.S. Sorry again for all the italics, I don't know what is wrong with blogger today! More blogging challenge coming tomorrow! Or the next day... you know. Someday. :P